Lipstick Vs Other Brands

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What makes Lipsense different than other lipsticks?

That is the biggest question that I get! And it makes sense as that was my first question about Lipsense too. I wanted to know what the big deal was and why everyone who was trying Lipsense loved it.

Lipsense is a liquid lipstick that is smudge, kiss and water proof and lasts up to 18 hours!

To apply Lipsense you will first want to make sure that your lips are clean. I usually scrub mine with a sugar scrub that I made to make sure they are exfoliated. Then I like to use a bit of witch hazel on a cotton ball to clean my lips before applying Lipsense. Apply the first layer of the Lipsense lip color and let it dry for about 10 seconds, then apply a second layer and dry for the same amount of time, and lastly do a third layer of color. If you mess up on applying the color I’ve found that if I get it quickly enough I can get it off while it’s still wet, but at any point you can use the Oops Remover that comes in the Lipsense Starter Kit which will take it off easily. After the last layer has dried then you put on a gloss and you’re good to go!

One of the things I love about Lipsense lipstick is that you can layer the different Lipsense colors to get even more colors. For example one of my go to looks is one layer of Purple Reign and two layers of Aussie Rose. It takes the purple and the pinks together to make a fun, darker pink. So if you have three colors of Lipsense you can get 9 different color combinations!

Smudge Proof
Lipstick and Doesn’t Smear

There is what’s called an exfoliation period for making Lipsense last as long as possible. The exfoliation period is where I get most of my questions from my customers. So I wanted to explain it here as well!

The exfoliation process is where some people have Lipsense making their lips flake or they’re experiencing the product not lasting as long as it should.

Prior to using Lipsense are covered in wax so you can’t see the skin, or layers of vermillion, and it becomes matted in. When you stop using wax products over time it becomes exposed and comes off naturally. So it technically isn’t Lipsense products that cause flaking, but it’s that you’ve stopped using wax products. There will always be some flaking of your lips when you stop using wax, but in the beginning of not using wax products some people might experience an increase in flaking. It is completely normail.

It took me about 3 weeks of consistently using Lipsense to get out of the ‘exfoliation period.’ The first couple of times I noticed that my lips were peeling quicker than I expected and my color wasn’t lasting up to 18 hours, but it definitely lasted longer than any other product I’ve used. And I was immediately impressed that the color didn’t transfer at all. Some people have said that it has taken them a month to get through the exfoliation period.

How to make Lipsense work for you

These are my recommendations to make Lipsense work better because everyone has different skin. Find what tips and tricks work best for you!

  • Make sure your lips are clean and dry by using witch hazel. Anything other products on your lips will compromise the color binding with your lips
  • When applying the Lipsense color, make sure that you’re stretching out your lips to fill in the color in the crevices and wrinkles that all lips have
  • Apply Glossy Gloss, Lipsense lip balm, or coconut oil at night to hydrate your lips while you sleep
  • It’s very important not use waxy products while you are in the exfoliation process. While I’m not wearing Lipsense I really like to use the Glossy gloss to hydrate my lips or coconut oil.
  • Shake the tube of Lipsense before applying! This will make sure that you get an even coat.
  • Only apply thin layers of color going in ONE direction. Applying Lipsense in a back forth direction is a no no. Too much color will cause little crumbles on your lips and applying back and forth might cause the color to get patchy
  • Also cleaning the lips with Oops Remover will help the color stay on longer

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