How to Become a Distributor

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This is a map of current distributors in the US. When I saw the map I was blown away! I had no idea the company is at ground level and I realized that NOW is the time to jump in and become a Lipsense distributor. To give an example, Mary Kay has over 400,000 distributors and Lipsense has less than 35,000.

There were many different Lipsense reviews around that I found online. When I first bought Lipsense I had no intentions of selling it. After getting my first couple tubes I was hooked and knew I needed to become a distributor. Signing up to be a distributor gave me access to all the SeneGence products anywhere from 20-50% off. I considered my sign up like getting my Costco membership, but no monthly or yearly fee! I was able to get all of my long lasting makeup at discount.

Then I realized that I really could make a successful business out of selling makeup. For just $55 I became a distributor, got a starter kit, and started making a great income off of selling makeup that literally sells itself. I posted about 6 tubes on a website I had used before for buying clothes and things and sold all 6 tubes in less than one hour!

It is not uncommon for an average order to be around 5 tubes of Lipsense. Each tube costs about $25 and you get about 50% off retail, so it will payout about $12.50. That means a common order could make around $62.50. So, if there is one order like that per day, or 30 in a month, that would be just under $2,000 each month!

At first I was worried about not having sales experience, but Lipsense has been so easy to sell. I have been able to connect with friends, old friends, new friends and just talk about a product that I love. I don’t actually try to sell anything, just by talking about it they ask if they can buy some! It doesn’t feel ‘salesy’ at all because women love to feel confident and I am so happy to be able to help other women.

What I love about being a Lipsense Distributor is that the company, SeneGence, it’s all about empowering women and helping each other become successful in this business. When I signed up I was given a step by step list on how to set up my business and do everything. I had a lot of help getting setup from my up line and other women on my team. It was extremely helpful and I never felt like I was alone at any point or that I was dumb for asking questions.

As soon as I became a Lipsense distributor I was added to exclusive Facebook groups for Lipsense distributors where we discuss how to run the business. We share what is working for the business and how to market. If you join my team you will get all of that same support. You don’t have to know how to build a website or anything like that. Most girls simply use social media like Facebook or Instagram, which is what works best in my experience.

What most ladies in my team do is post a picture of themselves kissing something and leaving no mark behind. This intrigues and get most people interested because there is no other lipstick on the market that can do that! Like I said, it sells itself.

In order to sell Lipsense any SeneGence products it is required to have a SeneGence Sponser, someone like me. To sign up as a distributor use the code below and follow the link:

>Sign up as a distributor here. ID#: 236473 (↓Will look like the picture below↓)

>If there’s an error or a question please contact me at I’m happy to help out in any way.

Then select which type of account you want. You will select individual if you just want to buy at a discount, or if you plan to make this part or full time then select business. There is just a one time $55 fee IF you want to be a distributor. That is the ONLY fee though. What I also love about Lipsense is that there are no monthly minimums. You can order as much or as little as you like and you don’t have to purchase monthly. YOU decide how big you want to grow your business. I love that selling Lipsense is really flexible.

The way that you can make Lipsense a successful business for you is by purchasing the product at 50% off and then selling it at retail, which is so easy and fun! Then you can also build a team and you make a percentage of all of you down line sales. Once that happens, SeneGence will start sending you checks in the mail! That’s always a really fun part of the process.

Becoming a Lipsense distributor has been a great decision for me! I love being able to help women and feel successful!

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