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Hello there! I wanted to make my own Lipsense reviews because I love this product. I have put it to the test and will go over comparing it to other brands and why I love this product and what the craze over Lipsense really is.

Before I started using Lipsense I didn’t wear a lot of lipstick, but I loved the way that I looked and felt while wearing lipstick. (Who doesn’t?) It was a huge confidence boost, however it was inconvenient. Lipstick would not long lasting and it would always transfer to my clothes, teeth, children, cups and food. Less than 2 hours after applying lipstick I would have to reapply and then I would have the same mess all over again.

My husband wouldn’t even kiss me because he didn’t want to get lipstick on him! That was the main reason why I didn’t wear lipstick because I couldn’t give my husband a kiss or smooches to my kiddos.

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I decided to make a switch from lipsticks to lip stains. They worked better for me, but still created a lot of issues.  I liked that lips stains lasted longer than lip sticks and that they transferred less. They didn’t last all day for me though and they left my lips feeling very dry. While wearing lip stains my lips would get so dry that they would crack and my lip color would look tacky and awful. Lip stains are also not waterproof, which was a big deal breaker for me. I am very into health and fitness and I try to drink a gallon of water a day. So that would make my lip stains last even less because of how much water I would drink.

I gave up on both lipsticks and lip stains because neither one of them worked. They were not getting me the best results and those options weren’t convenient. And as a busy mother of two I don’t have time to worry about reapplying makeup all day long.

I was introduced to Lipsense by my mom who had purchased a couple of colors and a gloss. After I tried the product I fell in love with it and wanted to use it as well. I couldn’t believe that it actually lasted all day long!

Lipsense changed everything about how I used to feel about lipstick and lip stains because it is completely different from them.

Lipsense is designed to last all day long without needing to be reapplied and is guaranteed to be smudge, water and kiss proof. That is what I love about it, it stays on all day without fading. It is the only lip product I have found that doesn’t transfer and truly lasts all day long.

Another aspect that I really loved about it is that it hydrates my lips while wearing it. When I was wearing lip stains they would dry my lips out. Waxy products is what dries out lips and Lipsense does not contain any wax. Since I have been wearing Lipsense I haven’t needed to use other lip moisturizers.Now that I don’t have to worry about my lipstick getting everywhere it has been so easy to enjoy wearing makeup. I am a busy, working mom and I don’t have to worry about reapplying makeup. Lipsense has made a huge difference for me; I can feel confident all day long.

Before buying a lot of tubes from SeneGence (the main company for Lipsense) I read a few other reviews that my mom had found and saw the same results with other women using it. I bought a few tubes and was hooked. It was just the other day I had to go get a lipstick counter top organizer because I have so many of them now. I absolutely love wearing it.

I found out that they have an amazing distributor program and signed up to be a distributor to get discounts for myself when I order. I love that there is no monthly minimum order either to maintain a distributor level. As soon as I signed up I bought 6 more color tubes and a couple of gloss tubes because I personally like to have the gloss finish.

I bought an additional 6 to post online and sell to other people just to see how well I could do with it. In less than 1 hour of posting the tubes online I had sold them all! I couldn’t believe it was that fast and the attraction people had to Lipsense. Then I thought, when I first tried it I was hooked and bought a bunch too so I guess this is normal. Originally, I signed up just to get the discount for my personal use but now I am selling them online and have had great success with it! Women love using it.

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